People lined up at food distribution

Food insecurity during the holidays and how you can help 

The holiday season is a magical time—the colorful lights everywhere, the energy of giving, and the anticipation of getting together with loved ones to eat delicious treats. Unfortunately, many families face a huge economic burden during the holidays, and stress related to food insecurity can get in the way of enjoying the season. These financial burdens have ripple effects on what families can afford to eat, and influence both their immediate and long term health. 

Food insecurity and the holidays

For some, the holidays can be a time for shopping and bonuses. But for others, it is a time of scarcity, especially for students who rely on schools for lunches and other meals. The holiday break can mean a pause in that support, and putting food on the table becomes a difficult feat. With a rise in cold, flu, and COVID-19 cases in the winter, people may also face the cost of medical care and missed workdays. Add in the higher utility bills for keeping homes warm during the winter, (yes, even in Southern California), and the economic strain can become a heavy burden for many.

How you can help

The holiday season is an opportunity to share the gift of abundance, through practicing gratitude and generosity. From making a donation to volunteering with local organizations, such as Food Forward, there are plenty of ways for you to give back. 

Food Forward works to bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity to help those who face hunger, all year round by donating fresh and healthy surplus produce 100% free of charge to hundreds of food banks and hunger relief partners. Though food insecurity may be more prevalent around the holiday season, it is more than a seasonal issue. 

Whether it means volunteering in your neighborhood when you have extra time, training to become an Event Leader or committing to a monthly donation, there are plenty of ways to make a difference. With your help, not only in the holiday season but throughout the year, we hope to continue to serve those facing food insecurity. Join the Food Forward community today to keep the holiday magic going all year long!